May 2016

The All New Chu Lip Tinted Kisses Your Lips With Long-Lasting Moisture

Fans of Chu Lip lipbalm will be happy to know that Chu Lip has just released 2 new colours to its new range Chu Lip Tinted! Known for its unique function, the Chu Lip lipbalm comes in a trendy and stylish dome shape with an easy glide-on formula. ‘Chu’ which means kiss in Japanese, is apt to the function of this lipbalm. The sphere shape enables you to apply in just one touch, as if ‘kissing’ your lips. Its wide surface also allows you to apply a sufficient amount of lipbalm anytime.

The all-new Chu Lip Tinted is formulated with 3D pearl to smooth and moisturize your lips with a natural hint of colour. Its formula also contains double moisturizing ingredients of Vitamin C and Vitamin E derivatives to keep lips plumped and hydrated. Apart from that, its moisturizing power is further enhanced by the blend of Olive Oil, Shea Butter and Rosehip Oil to give the lips sufficient amount of moisture when applied.

Chu Lip Tinted comes in 2 new colours – Vivid Pink and Sweet Pink accompanied by a pink candy fragrance. Vivid Pink is a bright natural pink colour. Sweet Pink on the other hand is in a lighter pink shade. All colours have a SPF22 protection, giving your lips the extra care it deserves. To use, simply apply 1-2 layers on your lips.

The all-new Chu Lip Tinted will be available at all leading pharmacies and major supermarket outlets at RM18.90 each.