March 2014

Bust Blackheads with Oxy's New Anti-Blackhead Wash

Featuring OXY's New Powerful Volcanic Clay Formula

Blackheads is one of the common skin problems encountered by most teenagers. They usually develop on the T-zone, which is also known to be the oilier part of the face i.e the nose, chin and forehead. Blackheads develop when skin pores are clogged with oil and dead skin cells which later oxidizes when hair follicles are exposed. A face that is full of blackheads often presents a dull look and an unpleasant sight which can affect one's self-esteem. Blackheads that are left untreated, will set deep into pores making it difficult to remove and would later develop into acne or pimples.

The NEW upgraded OXY Anti-Blackhead Wash with powerful Mineral Enriched Volcanic Clay works in multiple ways to keep skin clean and clear from blackheads:

  • cleanses deeply to unclog pores from oil, dirt and impurities
  • remove blackheads and prevents formation of blackheads and acne
  • control secretion of sebum and
  • long lasting hydration

  • The OXY Anti-Blackhead Wash is formulated with the following functions and active ingredients:

    • Deep Cleanse to Remove Blackheads: Formulated with volcanic clay rich in minerals to deep cleanse pores and effectively remove excess oil, impurities and dirt trapped in pores
    • Control Oil: Avocado Pear Extracts are added to control excess sebum secretion, which gives the skin longer lasting oil control
    • Minimize Pores: Evermat Extracts helps in minimizing the size of pores thus preventing buildup of oil and dirt
    • 24 Hours Hydration: Contains Nano Glacier Water from Switzerland to effectively lock in moisture and provide long lasting hydration to skin. Skin feels fresh, supple and does not feel dry and tight after washing

    The OXY Anti-Blackhead Wash will be available at all leading pharmacies and major supermarket outlets nationwide starting May 2014. It is available in two pack sizes i.e 50g at RM8.50 and 100g at RM13.90.